Solar photovoltaic systems:


            Energy MPS is proud to partner with some of the best names in the solar industry; Solarland, Solarworld, Sharp, Canadian Solar, ET Solar, Enphase are just a few of the companies we work with. We do try to focus primarily on American made products but we have found that some of our customers just want a great value along with great warranties. So that is what you will find when you deal with us.


           We have the unique ability to offer solar installations throughout the US utilizing licensed electricians. Our home office is in TX but we can help you accomplish an installation anywhere due to the network of electricians we have access to. We also have the ability to custom engineer a specific system just for your needs utilizing our Solar engineering team.


            So let us help you decide what system is best for your home or business. Are you an individual that thinks solar is just too expensive?  We have found in many applications when you are already operating efficiently solar is not "too expensive". We also know with TAX credits of up to 30% this could be just the right time to add an on grid system to your home, business or an off grid system to your property.


         In some situations we can help you get an installed system which will start taking the load off and then you can add on to that system until you reach the point where you are producing all of the electricity you are consuming. We understand every situation is different and unique, but make no mistake the time for purchasing solar is here. Let one of our energy management professionals help you accomplish this.


Below you will see a table that shows the solar irradiation map for the US. This map will provide you with valuable information in showing you the average sun radiation per day which can equal your energy.