Energy MPS also specializes in residential energy management; we provide the services for commercial customers as well. We understand that every home is unique. We will come in and evaluate your energy consumption. Once this is complete we will analyze it and let you know where the greatest opportunities are for you to save money. We are here to help you keep more money in your account on a monthly basis. Today energy management is more than just turning off light switches when you leave the room.

        It is interesting the majority of residences in the area could use our help. Some people think that they are “good” just because they have a new home. Unfortunately this is not true because even the majority of the new homes have areas of opportunity for the home owner.

       We also work with home owner to customize their home with energy efficient lighting. We understand that wattage usage affects your monthly electrical bill, but we also understand the importance of utilizing the correct light in the correct application. Color temperature is very important in helping a home owner set the mood in each room.

       Contact us to schedule a time where one of our Energy Management Professionals to come in and provide you with this information. We are confident in the fact that we will help you save money monthly and annually. Energy rates will continue to go up over time, so allow us the opportunity to help you. We appreciate you visiting us, and look forward to having an opportunity to earn your business. Energy MPS is here to help YOU achieve a more energy efficient tomorrow, today!