General Contracting:

                  Energy MPS is proud to bring you even more energy efficient measures for your home or business. Our company can help you position your facility to use less energy through our commercial lighting and lighting retrofit division. Our company wants to help you reduce your energy consumption and position your facility to be ready for solar should you choose to go that route. Energy MPS works with licensed electrician, plumbers and engineers to bring you Solar turn-key projects and turn-key commercial lighting retrofits. We have aligned ourselves with some of the best names in the industry and we are happy to help you with your Solar projects. Maybe you want a system to just produce some electricity for you or maybe you want the ability to produce just about all of your electricity. Energy prices will continue to climb over the next several years, so why not start relying on yourself instead of having to pay the exorbitant fees. Solar is a renewable resource and it is clean energy unlike coal, oil, or nuclear which all produce waste. Please let one of our qualified energy management professionals help you accomplish your goals.

                    We can help you with a Solar (PV) System for your home or business, your Solar hot water heater, an off-grid system, or maybe you just want to utilize some solar lights. The Tax credits will continue for at least a couple of more years, and with them being the way that they are, their has never been a better time to start utilizing renewable energy resources. The ROI on most of the systems we specify are very good, especially since you get the Tax credits. The majority of Solar panels we provide have great warranties, many stretching out as far as 25 years. We work with companies who provide great products, many of them are made right here in the USA. Our team is ready to help you accomplish your goals and we can pull the appropriate permits so that you are getting a professional job. Did you know that property with renewable energy located on it typically sell for approximately 10%+ more than other properties? Are you aware that in the majority of states your property taxes can not be increased due to the addition of a Solar PV system? Contact one of our energy management professionals today and see how you can accomplish this for your business or family!