Energy Management Consulting:

                Energy MPS is happy to provide your facility or residence with energy management consulting. We will send one of our qualified energy management professionals to you to conduct a detailed facility analysis. This will include an analysis of the entire facility and showing you where you can save money long term by changing to more energy efficient items. This can include energy efficient lighting, a more efficient HVAC system or even more efficient appliances.

                Our companies goal is to help you reduce your carbon footprint and allow your hard earned dollars to last longer. We can even help your business, school district, or residence in putting together a 2-5 year plan to reduce your energy consumption so that you can budget appropriately. For more information on any of our consulting services please look at the pages below or feel free to contact us through our contact page. We want to help you become more energy efficient. Many of the items we suggest you or your maintenance individuals will be able to complete. This prevents the need in many cases from hiring an outside contractor to come in and complete the tasks.