We work with Small Businesses, Institutions (Schools, Medical facilities, Worship Facilities), Industrial facilities as well as Residential customers. You will quickly see that with our Team you are not a number, we want to earn your business. Our dedicated professional staff wants to help you save money. We understand that not every business can hire one person to handle this for them, so why should you loose profits as you Grow your business because of that reason?

       We offer a variety of services to fit most any budget:

                  Comprehensive Energy Analysis

                  Project Management

                  Education-Training and Meetings for your staff

                  Customized Training

                  Assistance with Competitive Bid Energy Projects (RFQ's & RFP's)

     Let us assist you, evaluate your needs and help you become more profitable. We can shed light on which areas of your facility can use help and by doing so you know how to budget appropriately to accomplish your goals. It may be an HVAC Project, it could be an energy efficient interior or exterior lighting project. It could be as simple as adding controls in your facility to maximize what you have already done.

      What we have found is facility upgrades seem to always be needed, but we help you evaluate your facility by the areas that will give you the greatest return on investment. We also know that you may be able to accomplish some items utilizing your own staff. We offer a variety of services and can customize a program to meet your needs. Why not allow our Energy Management Professionals to help you not waste your hard earned budget. We look forward to earning the right to call you our client.