Commercial Lighting and Lighting retrofit

              Energy MPS, a central Texas based company is happy to be providing you with commercial energy efficient lighting upgrades in addition to lighting retrofits beginning March 9, 2015. Our company was built to help others reduce their electrical consumption. Over the past few years, we have focused on solar products, solar projects, HVAC controls for both residential and commercial clients, and residential energy efficient lighting. We are a certified NEST Pro Installer through the NEST install program. We feel that adding a commercial lighting division will help our clients become better stewards, while preparing more of them to be in a position to utilize renewable energies in the near future. We are now providing turn-key lighting projects for our commercial clients.

              Energy MPS utilizes licensed electricians to complete these turn-key commercial lighting projects. Whether you are aware or not, commercial lighting can represent between 25% and 40% of your overall energy bill.  Our company understands that completing an energy efficient lighting upgrade or a lighting retrofit can be a great way to drastically reduce this portion of your utility bill. If new LED lighting is what you desire or you are just looking for ways to produce better lighting, we want to earn an opportunity to discuss this with you. Commercially utilizing energy efficient lighting technology can drastically reduce your bottom line. In many situations, commercial clients can receive utility rebates in addition to tax incentives to complete energy efficient projects.

                Our central Texas based company has the ability to help you reduce your electrical consumption while increasing your profitability (controlling your costs). We offer a couple of different scenarios for our clients. The first is evaluating your current electrical consumption through an energy analysis. This allows us to show you your true ROI on an investment. We provide you with the data and then break it down into smaller projects including maintenance schedules. In doing so, this allows you to make an educated business decision as to what is best for your facility and your business. Another option we offer through our maintenance program is retrofitting your existing lighting as they go out, then tracking all maintenance for you. We understand you are busy and time is money, therefore, we want to help you save both. We have found that many facilities do not track their warranties, thus they end up paying for items that should have been covered under warranty. We handle all of those details for you. Unlike many companies, we are not tied to push one specific product or brand as the “best”. Our focus is to provide the best value products available in the marketplace. This allows us to help you achieve maximum savings. We use primarily American made technology and by doing so, it allows our customers to get some of the best warranties in the business.

                Our maintenance plan is customized to fit your facility’s needs. Some of the clientele who use our services are commercial property managers, commercial building owners, churches, schools, car dealerships, warehouses, day care facilities, and tenants of office space.  Regardless of whether you see yourself on the above list or not, we can help. We want to exceed your expectations, and that is not a statement we take lightly. Please allow us an opportunity to discuss your needs with you. We are confident you will not regret making the call or emailing us.

                With today’s technology, we can help you reduce the consumption on many different types of lighting fixtures from 50% to over 75%, while the light levels within the facility are not compromised. Please give us the opportunity to earn your business.