Energy MPS- Energy Management Professional Services

          Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit us. Our staff is dedicated to helping you and your facility save money. We understand that managing your energy may at times seem like a daunting task, so why not let our team help you. We understand Facilities and Energy as well as how to evaluate each facility to increase your bottom line.

         Energy Management Professional Services focuses on you. Our team is made up of professionals with Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. We listen to our customers and evaluate their needs, we provide solutions that will increase your bottom line. So whether you are preparing for next years budget trying to determine what to upgrade, let our team evaluate your facility so you know what will give you the greatest return on your investment.

          We specialize in Energy Management and helping you with Energy efficient projects. We can help you determine if an HVAC upgrade or an Energy efficient lighting project would be best for your company. We will also give you detailed information on items your maintenance personal can accomplish to help provide even greater returns on investments.

        If you are looking for Solar for your home or business, give us a call, we work with you and your budget to accomplish the goal. We utilize our network of licensed electricians to install your system. Their has never been a better time than now to install Solar on your home or business. Tax credits are continuing and you could achieve up to a 30% tax credit on your system. The majority of the products we utilize come with warranties of up 25 years.




Energy Management Professional Services


Energy Management Professional Services residential and commercial : consulting, Lighting, HVAC controls and Solar.